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We are not the largest agency in the country, but we are definitely the most colorful team of professionals and enthusiasts in the advertising world of Serbia. We are part of the global FCB network which for 140 years now has been changing how brands find their way to consumers. We have been doing that for "only" 20 years to mutual satisfaction – our clients, and our own.

We are the center of all FCB agencies in the Balkan region (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania).

So, we are big enough to enable regional support even to the world’s largest brands, but small enough to stay simple, familiar, hearty and outgiving to the client.

Our strategy is to always have serious strategy for each and every brand, and what advertises our work best is our best advertising work.

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Skin Cancer Early Detection Campaign

Millions worldwide get skin cancer every year, and Serbia is also registering a tragically high percentage of melanoma detected late. That is why Eucerin decided to enable EXAMINATION FOR ALL and take an important step. All dermatovenerological offices in Serbia will be equipped with dermatoscopes for the effective examination of suspicious moles.

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Grand kafa

20 godina

When someone has been with you every day for years, you feel like you've spent a lifetime together. It's the same with Grand Kafa - although it's celebrating its 20th birthday, we feel like that strong bond has existed since time immemorial. A campaign celebrating that union has been created to mark the occasion of this important jubilee.

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Our Clients

Among our clients you will find the most famous global brands, but also those that are yet to become famous in their city, country or region. And we love them all equally.

And when you love somebody, then you care for him/her and you are proud of him/her. Every day.

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Cara Dušana 42,
11000 Belgrade,

T +381 11 3284 620


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