Who We Are

We are a set of all rainbow colours. We are the most colourful full-service agency in the world that, in this region of ours, provides its ATL, BTL, DIGITAL, PR, PRODUCTION and STRATEGY services to a large number of international and domestic clients, for “just” 25 years. We are a part of a worldwide FCB network that has been changing the way brands find their path towards consumers for 140 years already.

We are the centre of all FCB agencies in the West Balkans region (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania).

Therefore, we’re large enough to enable regional support even for the biggest brands in the world but just enough so that we always stay simple, kind-hearted, and close in our relationships with clients.

Our strategy is that we always have a serious strategy for every brand and our best commercial are our best commercials.

More about us

Grand kafa Gold

Patterns of closeness

A campaign, which has spilled over the borders of the neighboring countries, driven by a kind spirit, and connected people around the region with patterns of closeness. Traditional motifs, in a contemporary interpretation, "embroidered" on the Grand kafa Gold packaging, have managed to tightly link similar cultures which have developed next to one another for generations.

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Lords among the teas

The title of a lord sounds rather serious and is awe-inspiring for many of us. And when you name your tea brand LORDS it demands an additional note of “British seriousness” in all you do. We wanted to introduce a dose of British humour in our everyday lives and link this brand with the tradition of tea ritual. With unexpected plot twists in our „Lords among the teas“ campaign, we accomplished exactly that goal.

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Our Clients

Among our clients, you will find the most famous global brands, but also those that are yet to become famous in their city, country or region. And we love them all equally.

And when you love somebody, then you care for him/her and you are proud of him/her. Every single day.

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Cara Dušana 42
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Ulica Grada Vukovara 224
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Rruga Nikolla Tupe 15/3
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