Grand kafa Gold

Patterns of closeness

A campaign, which has spilled over the borders of the neighboring countries, driven by a kind spirit, and connected people around the region with patterns of closeness. Traditional motifs, in a contemporary interpretation, "embroidered" on the Grand kafa Gold packaging, have managed to tightly link similar cultures which have developed next to one another for generations.

Using patterns of closeness, our wish was to revive tradition and return to some of the values we seem to have "misplaced" in the modern lifestyle. That’s how three types of patterns emerged - a pattern of love, friendship, and hospitality - the patterns which became the bearers of a truly regional campaign. 

We have woven these patterns into every Grand kafa Gold packaging in the hope of reviving the traditional values which used to tie us together in the past, but which have become alien to us due to our high-speed, modern lifestyle. The patterns found their way from the packaging to a campaign which included the whole region. In that way, one exciting packaging design managed to grow into a symbol of closeness, and the patterns on it became the patterns that make life worth living.   

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