Every year, BKT has a legal obligation to publish the most important business figures as a hard copy Annual Report. And, for the past year, they had more than a few reasons to do it gladly. Beside the fact that they became the biggest bank in 2014, BKT also announced their mission to become the greenest bank in Albania.

CHALLENGE. How to prove that dedication to a green banking philosophy isn’t just words if they print thousants of pages for the Annual Report each year?  By sending the right massage and producing something different for the first time.

SOLUTION. We created this year’s Report without using a single sheet of paper. Instead, we produced a USB stick from eco-friendly materials and placed the whole Report on it as a PDF file. Then we made fake covers from recycled paper and sent it all together with the USB to clients.Deliberate surprise stressed the question: How can we all be a little 
greener in our everyday business?

RESULTS. Along with sending the green message to all major clients and opinion makers in Albania, we succeeded in making production costs lower than in any previous year. The BKT Annual Report launched a debate on having a hard copy Report at all. The most important “detail”: we saved thousands of pages and a few trees as well. 

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