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During this project, innovation was at the very heart of our activities. In cooperation with Merck, our task was to organize an event where we will present to the professional public the new drug Mavenclad, which radically changes the lives of people with multiple sclerosis, giving them new hope, serenity and will to live, as well as an opportunity to plan a family.

Inspired by the innovation of the drug itself and the global Mavenclad campaign, we were extremely motivated to adapt the event to the new situation of the global Covid-19 pandemic. With the hybrid approach in which part of the participants followed the event live, and part through an online platform, we ensured maximum coverage with all safety protocols.

The essence of the creative idea was a concept called "Senses", and the idea was based on the fact that the whole program, in each segment, was focused on the symbolic representation of the senses, and the influence of Mavenclad on their revival in people with multiple sclerosis. Using multimedia technology, combined with attractive visual performances, and lectures by domestic and foreign experts, we transferred important scientific knowledge and did what Mavenclad medicine enables patients - that each participant has a rich and vivid sensory experience. The success of the event itself is evidenced by the numerous praises of the participants, from both sides - the lecturers and the spectators.

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