Quality financial reporting - condition for smart decisions!

Blog - Belgrade, 13 March 2019

Have you ever thought about the importance of the corporative financial reports? How much the (poor)quality and (non-)transparency of financial reporting affects the company’s business?  If we would compare the importance of a company’s high-quality financial report, and high-quality lab results of a patient, it is clear that their quality will affect the decision we make. Imagine making a decision about somebody’s health (or future business moves) without a glimpse into those results?!

World Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia have recognized this subject as a high-importance issue for the strengthening of the entire “organism”, ie - the economy and economic investment ambient. The Project for technical support of the Republic of Serbia is started to help reform the corporate financial reporting.

The challenging task, of making this subject interesting and useful, was given to FCB Afirma and audit house BDO. One of the challenges is to get an insight into how much the professional public, and ordinary citizens, are interested and aware when it comes to high-quality financial reporting. We will have the answer to this question after the research, and it will be presented at the expert conference WE COUNT ON REPORT (IZVEŠTAj SE RAČUNA). The conference will be held on March the 27th 2019, and all of the details about this event are available on the link.

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