FCB Health and Solar Distancing - Can We Ever Be Far Enough?

Blog - Belgrade, 19 April 2021

The social distance as a tearm awakens unpleasant associations, and for over a year now, even the most introverted among us have longed for sincere, and even incidental, during-greeting (this is a new term, just as social distance once was) hugs.

FCB Health company, Area 23, has created a "Solar Distancing" campaign for the Mollie's Fund client, which aims to raise awareness about the dangers of skin cancer, as well as provide opportunities for patients to treat melanoma. The name of the campaign obviously alludes to the now well-known "social distancing".

In an interesting, dynamic, and absurd video, lobsters fly through space, fleeing from the sun, meteors, wormholes, seeking refuge on earth, which they finally reach. A mini Sci-Fi action movie is unfolding before our eyes. However, there is no happy ending, because reality is stronger than movie fantasies, so our heroes on earth are burned by the sun with a clear message: "No amount of solar distancing can keep you safe", and the final point-headline campaign written over the black screen appears: "Sunscreen goes a long way ”.

Tim Hawkey, Chief Creative Officer of Area 23, explained the creative idea behind this interesting video: “We wanted to use the same ‘distancing’ COVID-19 language to really get the message across that no matter how far you are from the sun, you can’t prevent skin cancer unless you wear sunscreen. You can stand nearly 500 billion feet away from the sun, but without sunscreen, you won’t protect yourself from the dangers of melanoma.”

And, really, sunscreen goes a looooong waaay in sun protection. Just like with social distancing, solar distancing alone is not enough – other measures of "masking" vulnerable parts of the body must be included because the risk is too great.

And as beautiful days come, which, as a rule, we spend more often in the sun, this is the right moment to emphasize this campaign, change our behavior and save ourselves in a simple and efficient way.


Source: Little Black Book

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