FCB Chicago campaign for taking care of “those” body parts

Blog - Belgrade, 13 March 2019

Peach got the leading role in the first “Downtherecare” campaign that FCB Chicago started for its client Cottonelle and Kleenex. The campaign had an interesting approach in order to show the importance of choosing the right toilet paper and flushable wipes for the right care of “the parts down there” that we usually don’t pay enough intention to as they are (literally) out of our sight.

Even though we take a lot of care of our face and body, we often forget our most stable support, that deserves equally good care. Have you ever wondered – which the best way to take care of my little peach? The campaign includes a few situations where is relevant to give ourselves just the type of care that would boost our self-confidence, and cute little peach that appears as a central figure steals the show as an easily recognizable brand symbol.

You will easily recognize both the meaning and importance of the peach. We are close to it.

We are left with the message that every peach deserves to be totally refreshed and cleaned since we never know what could happen to it.

We have no intention of telling you all the moments of little peach’s domination, so take a look.

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