FCB Canada shows what it means to travel like a Canadian (and do a good casting)

Blog - Belgrade, 04 December 2019

The FCB Canada's new campaign for Air Canada shows how to cast a perfect celebrity for the campaign.

Let's start from the beginning - the campaign aims to show how everyone can adopt behavior that is typically perceived as Canadian while traveling. This experience is predominantly present in the US and countries that have close contact with Canadians. If you have no contact with Canadians, it is enough to watch an American series, movie or a talk show to know that the Americans themselves represent Canadians as being so polite and kind that it's funny. Let's get back to the campaign. Openness to diversity, kindness, and decency are manners that all travelers, of whatever nationality, should adopt in order to make their journey better and more enjoyable.

The campaign is humorous and endearing. In addition to the positive stereotypes about Canadians used in a humorous context, we can also see typical Canadian food and drink. It all sends a clear message: "Let's all act like Canadians!"

But what is most interesting for our text is the excellent selection of Sandra Oh, a famous actress and native Canadian, who represents the values of a true Canadian traveler.

Sandra Oh, who became famous for her role in Grey’s Anatomy, has been in the spotlight for two years due to the super-popular TV show Killing Eve. Due to the popularity of both shows and her characters, other meanings have been added to Sandra as an actress.

First and foremost, in both series Sandra plays a strong, goal-oriented woman. A dose of cheekiness, sarcasm, lack of empathy and an obsession with completing the tasks is present in both her heroines. This type of character contrasts what we see in the commercial. However, it is precisely this contrast that further emphasizes the comic effect.

Second, Sandra’s Eve is a heroine who is in line with the audience's current expectations to bring women into the spotlight. Killing Eve receives praise as a show that has two strong women leads. Therefore, most of the target audience will have positive reactions. Sandra, with all that she represents, is the type of person the media wants to pay attention to nowadays, and the audience is feeling affection towards her.

The campaign also announced collaborations with other famous Canadians. Like everyone, we are rooting for Ryan Reynolds' appearance to confirm our theory of an excellent casting once again.

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