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Blog - Belgrade, 09 February 2021

One of the leaders in the world of technology and photography, Canon, has recently in cooperation with the FCB branch of FCBX, presented the innovation and power of its products through 5 new and unexpected digital experiences.

They premiered their interactive digital experience through 5 innovative models you can try out, presenting the various capabilities Canon has designed to enhance the way we see (and photograph and capture) the world around us. We got the opportunity to observe the earth from space on an interactive site, to observe wild animals in their natural environment from astonishing closeness, to participate in sports events, to see new ways to work together at a distance and to discover interesting and inspiring solutions that can help us become aware of how necessary it is to think about the nature that surrounds us, that we are constantly endangering.

So, with Canon technology, you can take photos of certain places on earth from space, observe, for example, an eagle up close because Canon cameras have the ability to track animals in nature and focus on their faces, or explore the ocean and see plastic deposited there. Sometimes what you see will be fascinating, sometimes you will want to contribute to change in order to beautify the scene.

Filming for this great campaign took place in various locations, including Yellowstone, Los Angeles, Dallas, Kawasaki, using Canon technology, and you can now cross all these boundaries while sitting in front of a monitor.

“The past year not only pushed our limits in how we design and create experiences, it pushed consumers to participate in different ways and also democratised access to a broader audience,” stated Kim DeNapoli, EVP, head of FCBX. “ Moving forward, you will see brands layering the physical with digital. This is exciting for companies because it gives them a rich creative opportunity to do things with their brands that they may not have tried in the past because consumers will be open and ready for the new experience.”

Kazuto Ogawa, President and CEO of Canon USA, said: “Canon is excited to share how our technologies, solutions and products can inspire and offer a chance to collaborate on a better future.”

The idea Canon had for the campaign is to rethink and push the boundaries, which we can only decide on together, inspired by what we see. The scenes that Canon has offered us make us wonder what we want to preserve on this planet so that, driven by that desire, we can step out of our comfort zone and work for a better and more beautiful world.

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