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Blog - Belgrade, 01 February 2022

New year – new trends. Digital marketing, like the whole digital world, changes every day, and if you want to offer relevant and up-to-date content to your target audience, you must pay attention to its wishes and habits.

  • Podcasts are here to stay

If you don't have your favorite podcast yet, you are missing out on a fun enjoyed by millions and millions of people. In the United States, in 2021, people listened to 15 billion hours of podcasts, which is 25% more than in 2020! In Serbia, people are not so crazy about podcasts, but they have a significant audience in our country as well, and there is no doubt that, following world trends, the number of listeners will continue to grow. A good first step is to include the brand in one of the podcasts that are popular with the audience you want to reach.

  •  Metaverse is spreading

It is estimated that about 85 million people used AR or VR in 2021. The number of users has almost doubled since 2017, and interest is growing as technology advances, so the experiences users have are far more complex and exciting. If marketing is your job, the metaverse is the destination you want to visit to reach a younger audience.

  • Video tells a story

This is repeated from year to year, but the video content is only growing as time passes by. It is suitable for storytelling and if it is shot following current trends and in a format close to your TA, you have a chance to attract their attention. Video content should also be a mandatory part of your collaborations with influencers, where you can use an interesting narrative to present the brand, and the charisma of influencers to make your performance more human.

  • Brand ambassadors

Let’s expand on the previous point about collaborations with influencers, long-term collaborations are much more trusted because they make it seem as if the creator you are collaborating with is ready to stand behind your brand. Consider exclusive collaboration since the people will believe more in your product if you are the only one he/she is collaborating with during that period.

  • UGC, personalization, and empathy

During the pandemic, we lacked contact with other people, a sense of normalcy, and security. It is assumed that people will be far more willing to go out into the world and take photos with their favorite products, and your task is to share them on your channels, give them space, and show that you care about users and their emotions. Personalization of the service is becoming more and more important, which means you have to show that you understand your followers (and potential followers) and that what they feel is of high importance to you.


Source: Forbes

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