“Always” be Politically Correct

Blog - Belgrade, 12 November 2019

“Always”, the sanitary pad brand from the famous company “Procter & Gamble”, has announced that they will remove the Venus symbol from their packaging in the future, the symbol which to many represents the femininity and female sex. As a reason for this change, they stated the support of the transgender and nonbinary people who are their consumers.

Many are wondering how did a brand such as Always, who’s entire brand image was built on women rights championing, made such a turn towards removing a symbol of something that made them one of the most recognizable names in the world from their packagings. In their public statement, we could read the following: “ For over 35 years Always has championed girls and women, and we will continue to do so. We’re also committed to diversity and inclusion and are on a continual journey to understand the needs of all of our consumers.”

According to HuffPost, the change comes after a trans activist, Ben Saunders, wrote to the “Procter & Gamble” company asking why is this symbol showing on some of their packagings.

The feminists had something to say about it too. In their social media they characterize this move as “erasing women”. While, on the third side, we have a lot of consumers saying they never really saw this Venus symbol on the packaging.

Do you think that this redesign really contributes to the acceptance of the transgender and nonbinary people? Will the removal of the femininity symbol from the sanitary pad packaging make those people feel truly better, or is this yet another way to exploit certain groups of people and current hot topics so that your brand name hits the front pages across the globe one more time?


Source: AdAge

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