Uzice Child Rights Centre

Safe Internet for the Whole Family

The main impulse we have towards our children is to protect them. Even nowadays, we often lose sight of the need for protection not only in the "real" but also in the digital world. This is where the campaign we created comes into the scene!

We have chosen visual solutions that are close to the kids and placed them on digital channels so that they can be accessed by both parents and teachers who care for child safety.

We were looking for a solution that would allow us to simultaneously educate and visually enchant them, providing examples that are, unfortunately, representative and common. Our educational videos can be found on the UNICEF Serbia YouTube channel. They are there to alert young people and those who care about them to the dangers of the virtual world, teach them how to be safe in a digital environment and enable them to use the numerous benefits of the Internet in the best way possible.

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