Spark is here to bring us fresh energy, and FCB Arifma had the great pleasure to transfer that energy to all channels of communication. From TVC, all away to point of sale – we sent the same strong message: new energy that moves has arrived.

Mankind is constantly asking whether it’s possible to make a beverage that people would drink to gain fantastic energy?

We asked ourselves whether is possible to make a TVC regarding that matter and use it to present SPARK for the first time on the market? We were wondering… and then, of course, we succeeded,

But, question is if it all ends like in some kind of a tale? See for yourself.


DHEZU is the word that means so many things that it is practically unexplainable!

The same way that the energy that floods you when you drink Spark is unexplainable.

You wish to fly, to turn everything around, to dance, laugh, do something crazy, keep going even harder or even break the billboard!


Cara Dušana 42
T +381 11 3284 620

Ulica Grada Vukovara 224
T +385 1 558 3173

Rruga Nikolla Tupe 15/3
T +355 45 605 955


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