Nis Petrol took a very serious approach to the production of additized diesel fuel, the first of its kind wholly produced in Serbia. We simply followed that model and without compromising designed a visual identity and launch campaign. We’re all proud of this premium diesel fuel, as well as of the fantastic results that have exceeded even the most optimistic expectations.

When you decide to make top-class fuel that protects the engine to the last drop and you succeed, then you say you’ve made the ultimate good diesel and name the fuel precisely that – ULTRA D.

The black unprocessed color of oil and the gold hues of pure fuel that is the end result of a carefully controlled process, that was the inspiration for the main colors of the logotype.

Ultra D protects the engine from corrosion, impurities and excessive wear. That was a brief sufficient for finding a visual motif for our launch campaign and the clearest possible communication of the main benefit.

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