Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care project

Great people from an early age (Veliki ljudi od malih nogu)

Their future depends on our present, therefore is important to recognize their needs and provide what is essential for quality growing up and maturation. The goal of the Project by Ministry of education, science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia, supported by the World Bank, is an improvement ow accessibility, quality and conditions of the preschool education for all children until the age of 6,5.

The first stage of the project was followed by the media campaign within which the video "Acceptance” was launched for the TV and online use, as well as the radio, billboard, digital and print campaigns.

This is just the beginning of the road towards the achievement of this project's goals. Through the three components relating to the construction and adaptation of new kindergartens and the improvement of the quality of the preschool education across the country, the benefits will be felt for all preschool children, their parents, kindergartens and local communities, and it is up to u to present all of that in the most beautiful manner possible.

Cara Dušana 42
T +381 11 3284 620

Ulica Grada Vukovara 224
T +385 1 558 3173

Rruga Nikolla Tupe 15/3
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