Grand kafa

20 godina

When someone has been with you every day for years, you feel like you've spent a lifetime together. It's the same with Grand Kafa - although it's celebrating its 20th birthday, we feel like that strong bond has existed since time immemorial. A campaign celebrating that union has been created to mark the occasion of this important jubilee.

Grand Kafa Gold has been a witness to our days for 20 years now. It's always around when it matters, when something needs to be resolved, initiated, untangled. With its help we hear and understand each other better, but also laugh louder or have more articulate silences. Thanks to Grand Kafa Gold, some complicated things become simpler and some big decisions easier to make.

With this spot we wanted to let Grand Kafa speak. Let it tell us its own story about these past 20 years. Let it confide in us, open up. Let it tell us what it has been like being with us. After all, we would say - it wouldn't change us for the world.

Cara Dušana 42
T +381 11 3284 620

Ulica Grada Vukovara 224
T +385 1 558 3173

Rruga Nikolla Tupe 15/3
T +355 45 605 955


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