And with whom do you drink coffee?

A simple question that is, unfortunately, sometimes left unanswered.

A question that is very important to ask, as increasingly few people still drink coffee with their neighbors.

We live right across one another, yet it seems as though miles of hallways separate us. Grand Gold coffee wants to change people’s habits and inspire them to cross those distances more often and revive the institution of the NEIGHBORLY COFFEE VISIT.

We all have a neighbor. Someone’s is a wall painter, while another’s is a city poseur dressed to the nines. Someone lives across the hall from a classic workaholic, while another has a tough biker for a neighbor. And someone lives on the floor right above Milena and Dragan! And they all drink coffee, hang out and save the best – an hour of conversation with a neighbor over a cup of good coffee.

All those stories served as inspiration for our 6 neighborly stories and, we hope, as inspiration to our loyal consumers to invite their neighbor over for coffee. 

Look inside the mailboxes in your building.

How many cups of coffee do you see, how many different combinations and unusual couples?

How many untold stories that are worth listening to?

But, enough with the questions – it’s time for coffee.

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