“Examination for all” is an important campaign whereby all dermatovenerological offices in the state will be equipped with dermatoscopes for the early detection of potential skin cancer. Eucerin, supported by the Ministry of Health and the B92 Fund, continues to fight for healthy skin and helps to reduce as soon as possible the notoriously high percentage of melanoma discovered late in Serbia.

The percentage of melanoma detected late can also be reduced by prevention. That is why the campaign logotype found its place on all Eucerin Sun products and advertised the purpose of the campaign: by purchasing the products you support the procurement of dermatoscopes, while also protecting yourself from dangerous consequences.

The central motif of our campaign logotype is a black ribbon – the international skin cancer symbol.

Self-delusion is the strongest mechanism people use every day to put off going to the doctor. That is why we made a powerful TV spot that focuses on self-delusion.

On Belgrade’s main street we set up an exhibition titled “How the sun sees your skin” and exhibited shots of people made by a UV camera. That way passers-by could see how exactly an SPF protects them from radiation and believe more in the effectivenes of a product that isn’t actually visible on the skin once applied.

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