Protection for all!

Rare are the campaigns which manage to gather children, parents, teachers, even some of the ministries, around the same goal. When something like that happens, especially when the goal is something like education about responsible behavior in the sun, and raising awareness of skin cancer prevention, it becomes a project which will influence many generations to come. 

After presenting the visual identity of the campaign and the video Two Faces of the Sun, the time came for communication to start spreading through other important channels. Educational material was created, with an emphasis on three target groups: parents, pediatricians, and general practitioners, and the educational website Protection for All was launched.

Until September 2018, supported by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, six educational programs were held at the six largest schools in Serbia. Six UV indicators - special tools for sun radiation measuring - were installed, while the educational program covered more than 10,000 students. In years to come, the Protection for All campaign will be additionally intensified, which will continue the battle for a healthier future of our children, and us all. 

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