What happens in the human brain when a recognizable logo changes its color?

Blog - Belgrade, 16 October 2020

Colors make the world around us more beautiful and put us in a better mood. The more noticeable they are to the eye, the more they attract the attention of consumers, so it is not surprising that the procedure of choosing a color for a logo is a complex process.

Colors have the role of broadcasting the brand's message, and they often become their trademark. By using certain colors, companies want to evoke a specific emotion in people. Each color has its own meaning, and which one you choose depends on what kind of feeling you want to provoke in potential customers.

Red - we often hear that this is the "color of love", and it is also associated with desire, impulsivity, anger. Have you ever wondered why the strongest brands like Coca Cola, McDonald’s, or KFC, contain this color in their logo? Red is often linked with food in branding because it activates the appetite and stimulates consumers to buy impulsively. And do you remember the famous SALE inscriptions during off-season shopping? They're red, aren't they?

Yellow and orange - the first thing you think of when you see these sunny colors are happiness, optimism, and a positive vibe. They are often used to motivate and radiate creativity, but also warning signs are often in these shades because they are easy to draw attention to (which Fanta knows well). A large number of children's brands use these colors because they easily cause joy and thrill. (Dexi Co Kids)

Green - a color that is associated with peace, balance, and health. Due to its connection with growth, it can be also associated with power and money. In addition, since it is the color of nature and calming harmony, it is often used to promote environmental issues.

Blue - reminds of the sea and the sky, where its connection with calmness, trust, and security comes from. It most often appears with brands that want to inspire trust in people, and we have heard that many of them believe in Oreo.

Purple - the color that is most common in the cosmetics industry (Tarte) throughout its history has been associated with royal luxury. It is often the color of prestigious hotel chains (Crown Plaza).

Black - stability, strength, and power are the main associations to this color. It is a symbol of elegance and intelligence, so it is not surprising that the most prestigious brands use this color - Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Apple, Prada...

Color can increase brand recognition by eighty percent (Loyola, Maryland study). Over 90% of decisions based on first impressions are determined by color, and color ads are read 42% more than black and white ones.

Graphic designer Paula Rupolo came up with the idea to play with the colors of the logos of world-famous brands and to test how far the famous brands, their logos, and colors have penetrated our consciousness. To do that, she replaced the colors of one brand with the colors of their main competitor.

"When you switch to a competitor’s colors, your brain notices there's something that doesn’t fit, that makes you go, 'What's going on here?'”, said Paula.

If you ask us, we will have a hard time deciding what our favorite color is. They are all our children, we love them equally, and we have a logo to prove it.


Source: Social Media Today

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