What a month for Instagram? Wonderful month.

Blog - Belgrade, 16 November 2020

Instagram continues to surprise us and increases the content it has to offer, so it added some more to its list of novelties after Reels. As if the number of hours we spend on social media is not enough!

Just kidding, Instagram, we love you!

When we talk about global change, what made (me) especially happy was the chance to change the application logo. If you are like me (I say this with a heavy heart) - an older person who still longs for a small beige-brown camera icon, which has fallen into oblivion because of the new pink thing, you will understand my joy. I mourned the original logo until the previous month, when this change happened, on the occasion of Instagram’s tenth birthday. Their team decided to be generous, so there were 12 different versions of the Instagram logo available to us. Well, it looks like we were the ones who got the presents this year.

Another surprise they prepared for us was the merger of DM and Messenger. Some people like it, but some people don't. The hymns will be a bit absent here, because this move also met with certain criticism, mainly from members of the younger generations who are poorly (or not at all) active on Facebook, so this novelty only brought them headaches.

However, when it comes to brands and the use of networks for business purposes, this can be a great way to network the two platforms to expand the fan base. So, brands, go on! An expanded fan base is available to you more than ever.

The third change has to do with Serbia, and that is the arrival of Instagram Music on our stories. Please, be our guest!

The phrase "Music is not available in your region" (finally) belongs to the past because now, the content you create can finally be completed with a melody. The possibility of placing music on the story delighted all the fans of this social network.

This option has long been available to users of other countries, and the fact that it did not exist in our country irritated many users in Serbia. Personally, I could not resist the impression that we are living under a rock, where all the news always come last.

However, now we can complete our content with music from a large database, both domestic and foreign, using the "music" icon. The main benefit of this feature, in addition to making photos and videos more interesting, is that creators will no longer have to process content on other applications in order to add music to their background.

To sum up - a month full of innovations for all the lovers of this social media platform, whose daily average time will surely go up for a couple of additional hours.


Author: Jelena Markovic, Content Manager

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