We're 25 – fuck we're (b)old

Blog - Belgrade, 22 October 2020

This year FCB Afirma celebrates its 25th birthday. In the existence of the Earth, it's only a fraction of a millisecond. For the average human age, that's just a third of a lifetime. And for the world of media and advertising? It seems like an eternity ...

We were there when the first banner was on. It was so novel that it didn't even have to say anything. People just clicked to see what was going to happen.

ICQ revealed to us that we are entirely, thoroughly hooked on social media.

You can still write to us at afirma@yahoo.com, and even today, if we immediately find the information we need on the Internet, we shout Yahooooo! Old habits die hard.

In the new search engine, we typed exactly what every self-respecting advertiser does: How to charge a client and thus made the first steps with Google.

We had our first experience of clinical death. Yes, that was the first AdBlock.

We became friends with Tom. On Myspace, we were forum's regulars on the topic "What slogan is the person above you?".

With Facebook, we also got the first like for the status of "How to charge a client?". The client liked it.

We welcomed another yet another spring with a tweet. This time, instead of birds, it was Twitter.

Finally, a platform was designed where we could upload photos of ourselves before and after hard but challenging campaign work. Welcome, Instagram!

Just as we convinced a client to start using Snapchat, Kylie knocked it down.

And now, when we record Tik Tok, it seems to us that we have already seen it: When you have to say everything you want in just a few seconds.

Although it seems that the world of advertising has changed beyond recognition all these years and that 25 years in advertising is 250 in some other professions, it still comes down to 2 things: a good copy and a good visual. If we have that, we will be ready to welcome all future changes. And we are!

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