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Blog - Belgrade, 16 June 2020

Are you one of those people still unfamiliar with TikTok? Or did you spend at least a few hours at the beginning of the quarantine practicing "I am savage" choreography?

In our country, TikTok is accompanied by the image of a social network intended for younger generations, which are presented through sketches, dancing, and singing or lip-sync. When you install it, you are not expecting Mira (65), but a mass of members of Generation Z who are looking for fresh content without the excessive spam that they normally face on Instagram or Facebook.

That is probably the reason why you should now "chase" the younger target group on TikTok.

And if you still don't know how TikTok works or you use it just for fun, now is the time to read our previous text about it.

As trends change, the number of TikTok users grows, so now on the ForYou page, you can already meet various age groups, but also an increasing number of brands.

Why is now the right time to start advertising on this platform?

Because we also had TikTok influencers exploding with an army of fans behind them who can make it easier for you to communicate and present yourself to the target group with a creative approach that users especially appreciate.

Like Instagram, TikTok is a real social network. TikTok is a short and fun video format ideal for easy communication.

Unlike other video content applications, TikTok offers you the possibility to edit clips well and easily. You can slow them down, speed them up, cut them, insert effects, make your own personal sound. You can also start challenges and encourage people to shoot with your product and thus increase the activity of followers, without much trouble.

It can also be said that it is a fairly open social network because the algorithm offers a variety of content and adapts to your needs by giving you an even greater amount of content similar to the one you like. The application takes up the entire screen and the new video starts as soon as the previous one is finished. It is created to occupy your attention and to be contagious. It is easier to reach a mass of people than on Instagram and no post promotions are needed to do so. In 30 seconds, you can gain unexpected fame, as one famous TikToker did, whose clip has a dizzying 16 million views.

The evolution of the social network usually begins with the arrival of kids, then celebrities and brands, and finally parents who want to know what their children are doing there.

And why is it important to be among the first ones to appear on the new network?

Because of authenticity. Generic content is more than available to us and we know exactly what to expect from other social networks. TikTok is still fresh and therefore can easily bring surprises.

The advantage is that the platform recognizes new accounts and "pushes" them. Anyone who takes a risk has a chance to profit, provided they take advantage of all the benefits that TikTok provides.

And what's your excuse for not yet practicing the moves for the new TikTok Challenge?

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