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Blog - Belgrade, 11 August 2020

Due to the psychological consequences caused by the coronavirus and the problems that people have with the necessary social distancing, the company from the FCB Health Network, Area 23, in cooperation with five leading cystic fibrosis nonprofits, launched a campaign to help teenagers cope with isolation. And if anyone has the right to share advice in these, at least for us, extraordinary circumstances, it’s the people for whom social distance is an inevitable part of everyday life, and yet they maintain life optimism!

The great campaign and creatives of FCB Health Network have joined forces to launch a platform that gives young people with cystic fibrosis the role of leaders and counselors. This platform makes it easy to share encouraging stories and tips with other teens.

Teenagers and others who sufferer from this disease best understand how important it is to keep their distance in order to preserve the health, so Area 23 has found a way to show how life can develop unhindered even if you are not in direct contact with society.

Initially, cystic fibrosis experts worked with teachers and appeared in virtual classrooms across the country, where they had interactive meetings and gave advice from their life experience with social distancing. As the campaign progressed, they began sharing video lessons on how to stay healthy and happy on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok. And now teenagers can sign up for one-on-one meetings as well as group sessions and seek expert advice on the areas that have worried them the most.

“The reaction has been immediate. We’ve seen kids in virtual classes express a different outlook after meeting with the Squad, seeing opportunities instead of frustrations,” said Logan Allanson, Creative Director of AREA 23 and the winner of the 2019 Grand Prix Cannes Lions.

In addition to helping young people cope with new challenges of social distancing, the initiative serves to raise awareness among the general public about the strength, innovation, and positivity of the cystic fibrosis community. Finally, only if we learn from each other and encourage one another can we go through this psychologically difficult period and be supportive, even when we do not meet in the "real" world.

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