Blog - Belgrade, 16 November 2020

We live in a world where sensory experiences are not only the means by which we reach a goal but also the goal by itself. We experience fireworks of sensations every day, mostly visual and auditory stimuli. However, one sense is least saturated with the usual channels of communication and which marketers have not yet included in their communication strategies, although it is far more potent than image and sound in creating and evoking emotions and memories. It is the smell.

What is the secret of this powerful sense?

We know that the sense of smell is evolutionarily the oldest, and the olfactory brain - the rhinencephalon is in the very centre of the human brain. Thanks to its position and direct connection with other brain structures, the sense of smell has a stronger connection with the brain centres in charge of emotions and memories than image and sound. We all know how the scent of cake can immediately bring back memories from the earliest childhood, and perfume evokes emotions related to the person who wore the perfume. If we know all this, then why don't we use it?

Fragrances for marketing purposes have been used for decades, but its use is a closely guarded secret, reserved only for those who can pay for expertise in that area, such as casinos from Las Vegas or the world's biggest brands. However, knowledge about the use of fragrances for communication purposes is no longer so esoteric and inaccessible, thanks to research conducted at the most respected universities globally, such as the University of Tokyo and the University of Helsinki.

According to research, certain scents, such as geranium, relieve anxiety and make consumers decide on risky purchases sooner and more willingly—some like rosemary and mint increase work efficiency, stimulating alertness and concentration of employees. When used in natural rather than synthetic form, most fragrant oils even have antimicrobial properties, making them an excellent space disinfectant—the invaluable benefits, especially in this corona and post corona universe.

So, fragrances can help you create and strengthen a customer connection with your brand, make the event you organize literally unforgettable, stimulate customers to stay longer in your facilities, and employees in your organization become more productive and efficient. Sounds magical. Yes, but it is just science.

What is the first step? Contact an agency that deals with aromachology (not aromatherapy) and scent marketing and embark on a fragrant adventure that will reveal unimagined areas of personal and professional development.

It will continue ...

Author: Igor Jeremić, Copywriter

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