Blog - Belgrade, 02 July 2016

Belgrade, 2. JULY 2016 - In order to bring down prejudices about the growing alienation of people in the modern world, the agency FCB Afirma from Belgrade created a campaign that calls to friendship, intimacy and companionship in the neighborhood, as one of the most important elements for the life of a community.

Campaign for Grand Gold coffee called “Because no one is closer than the neighbors!” Celebrates the good relations between neighbors and promotes genuine closeness between people connected by a common living space. Through the campaign web site,, fans have the opportunity to share their “neighbor” story, a good memory or an anecdote, through a story, a photo or a video, and win valuable prizes for themselves and their favorite neighbor.

People say “you don’t choose your neighbor”, but you can choose whether you’re going to invite them for a cup of good coffee and some neighborly time. This was the corner stone for this campaign. Because of the desire to strengthen good neighborly relations, the agency recognized the international Neighbors Day, which is celebrated the last Friday in May, as a symbol of “all that Grand Coffee stands for; a feast of closeness that we all need to mark once a year, but to live and celebrate every day.” The competition will run until 20 June, at 18.00 hours, so you still have the opportunity to share your neighborly story, and win a valuable prize.

Neighbors’ Day in Serbia is celebrated in light of coffee, which symbolizes an invitation to socialize, talk, have fun, laugh and moments when we relax and truly enjoy the company of people close to us.

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