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Blog - Belgrade, 03 April 2020

It seems as if March 2020 will be remembered for a long time, but not for the most beautiful spring, but for the great global problem that we are facing. Coronavirus has slowed down the entire planet, caused great fear, panic, endangered lives and restricted our movement.

FCB Inferno from London gives you an idea of ​​how to get yourself moving right now!

While a serious percentage of people are unfortunately struggling with this virus, others blame it for the isolation that came with it. There is more and more free time that needs to be spent while avoiding the psychological circle of helplessness. We are receiving numerous tips on how to fulfill the day in a creative and useful way and there are more and more campaigns that remind us of the measures we need to follow.

However, not all of these campaigns are equally effective!

Marketing campaigns continue to play an important role in raising awareness, and it is now especially important to use their influence in a humane way. The role of FCB Inferno was particularly prominent in this field. Their incentive campaign seems to have come at the right time to ease our quarantine days and offer suggestions on how to spend them with as little stagnation as possible.

An FCB Inferno client, Sport England, who supports and encourages people to exercise, has supported a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercising regularly even on days when we are physically passive, spending a lot of time indoors and paying less attention to our nutrition. A campaign called Join the Movement invites people to get their bodies moving and spend these days working out, either alone or with their family.

It began with a series of posts on social networks adapted to the current situation, which aim to motivate the need for recreation. It is aimed at all ages, men as well as women, and encourages us to share our physical activities on social networks using the distinctive hashtag #StayInWorkOut. Many well-known names from the (digital) fitness world supported this idea and joined the challenge.

Another important message of Join the Movement campaign is that we need to stay in our homes and follow the rules as much as possible.

Only we can choose what kind of information we consume and how we organize our free time. Let this campaign be a good example to follow in order to devote more time to ourselves and spend as little time as possible in panic and fear.

Now is the time to be reasonable, disciplined and support one another. And, by the way, it's time to support our body as well. Check out #StayInWorkOut and maybe you'll get ideas on how to do it!

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