How did we create a project that helps kids stay safe on the internet?

Blog - Belgrade, 17 April 2019

During last year FCB Afirma took part in creating the project “Safe internet for the whole family” which was made by UNICEF in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and Uzice Child Rights Centre, with the support of Telenor company.

The project was challenging and inspirational for our creative team. The importance of the project made us engage our imagination and send an important message to the kids entering the digital world, but to their parents/guardians and teachers as well.

With useful tips from our client and thanks to our account manager Irena and her openness to mediation (and restrainment of creative delirium), our creatives managed to gather their ideas and show the importance of caution in accessing the internet content.

Design solutions of our team are especially impressive since they represented key ideas of the project to the kids in a picturesque manner.

Collaboration with the UNICEF team and the rest of the participants on the project was crucial, since the constructive suggestions enabled the best possible connection of our team’s ideas.


And what have our creatives who were the part of the project said?


Our Digital Designer and experienced illustrator Rastko pointed out that the project was interesting since you really have the opportunity to design characters that satisfy visual standards of the focus groups made of 10 years old, and then put in the changes that are accordant to with their reactions.

Creative Director Ivan highlighted that the main challenge was to find a visual solution and the communication tone acceptable to both kids and their parents, and stick to the set frame by including numerous predicted elements. Besides that, it was important to represent this complex topic in a simple and comprehensible way.

Copywriter Natalija agreed and reminded us that during this process we had to give up some of the soulutions, we find interesting in order to achieve the clarity that is the main goal in the project like this.


We believe we really achieved it, and you can see the videos here.

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