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Blog - Belgrade, 11 February 2020

At some point you must have heard that there is a social network, that is called the "daily dose of creativity", and serves as an inspiration platform and a place of entertainment for those who have discovered its many benefits. Pinterest is still an unknown platform for a large number of social media users, although it can be a great channel for advertising and promoting your brand.

If you're wondering how to use Pinterest for the needs of your small business, company, blog, or in order to promote your product, visual marketing on Pinterest can be a good way to reach other people and present your business in a colorful way.

A good strategy on Pinterest and clearly set goals are key to a successful profile, and these are some of the strategies that can be used to gain more engagement.

Using keywords and descriptions

Pinterest has fantastic search options. Keywords that you are using have to be relevant for your brand, and with a business description, content you share, and also the hashtags, you give better access to a wider audience. It is advisable that description remains short, interesting and relevant to your target audience so that the profile does not look cluttered.

Content you share

Pinterest photos should be long and narrow to take up the maximum amount of visual space so that they can be successfully pinned. The preferred photo size is 735x1102 pixels.

Frequently pinning

A Pinterest cover photo should be associated with your brand and website because it is the first visual to come across while visiting your profile. The use of relevant keywords and functional embedded links encourage more pinning and greater audience activity.

Links can be found in the profile description as well as in the description of posts. An important part is to use recognizable and specific hashtags, which is the main search tool.

The connection between different social media networks

If you want to increase the number of followers and reach different target groups, it is desirable to have all different kinds of social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn…). If your business allows you to reach different audiences, sharing posts from other networks can also increase engagement.

“Pinterest for Business” account

For tracking the behavior of people who come to your profile, but also those who can potentially do so, Pinterest analytics can be a great solution for improving your profile. “Pinterest for Business” gives you a clear picture of your followers' interests, habits, and behaviors.

How often and how to posting

Regular posting and relevant and useful content are what will keep your visitors on your profile. To make it more organized, you can use the ability to group and sort content by categories that are visible as soon as you enter the profile.


After going through these six Pinterest marketing methods for reaching more users, you are ready to become a Pinteresting brand. Your brand can be a visually enchanting medium for regular customers as well as for new ones, and your main goal is to gather them.

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