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Blog - Belgrade, 10 July 2020

When you are a beer lover and you like to explore new tastes of this drink - you know which country your dream to visit. However, if we look back at the past months, but also think about those that are yet to come, and will be marked by the Covid-19 crisis, we will still have to wait a bit to visit Belgium.

However, even from a distance, we must praise the support for small business that appeared in this country after the pandemic. We know that a large number of bars and restaurants did not work during the quarantine, which caused large financial losses and damage. And for micro-business, as a rule, the situation is far worse than for large catering chains.

Aware of the consequences of the coronavirus, the FCB network and the Coffee Alliance have launched a great campaign called "Helpy Hour", whose basic idea is to help local cafes where people used to spend a lot of time and enjoy "Happy Hour" initiatives.

With this great idea, the FCB invites the guests of the bar to support the action "Order one, pay two" drinks. This encourages solidarity and promotes help for bars and cafes in a difficult situation. A change of consciousness and strengthening of humanity have become necessary in the previous months, and now is the right time to show what we have learned.

Change always starts from the local level, from what we are familiar with and from what we care for. When we start changing ourselves, we will be able to change our world as well.

In such situations, we should not forget that we still have a responsibility to take care of our own health and the health of others and to watch for prescribed protection measures, given that restaurants are still places where more people circulate, and that the virus did not disappear. Belgium insists on these measures.

The FCB's initiative has encouraged many to act and identify with the problem their favorite bars are facing, among other things because we can all expect economic consequences and we do not know when we will find ourselves in the position of caterers and employees. Think about it while leaving a tip.

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