FCB New Zealand landed an exquisite campaign against testicular cancer

Blog - Belgrade, 11 December 2018

Researches show that the most occurring type of cancer, for men between 15 and 39, in New Zealand, is testicular cancer. On the other hand, this type of cancer is the most treatable one. If detected early, the percentage of survival after treatment is 95%. The best way to detect this illness is a regular self-check. However, most of the people are not familiar with these statistics and a way to prevent this illness.


FCB New Zealand wanted to spread this message and show people how fast and easy is to check yourself. In collaboration with Testicular Cancer NZ, FCB came up with “Testimatic”, a first-ever “machine” for testicular checking. The goal was to avoid the awkwardness and unpleasantness of being face-to-face with a urologist.  

This machine was designed in a way that a man walks in it, pulls the curtain close, drops his pants, and waits for a doctor’s hand to show up from a small opening to check their testicles. The whole process only takes 30 seconds. In this way, they managed to achieve way more than just a large number of examinations. They managed to raise the awareness, among the Kiwis, about this simple, fast, but efficient way of self-checking which they can carry out at their homes. 

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