FCB Inferno & Pura: What would babies say if they could talk?!

Blog - Belgrade, 10 July 2020

FCB Inferno creates another fantastic, and above all useful campaigns with a deep message. Recently, a new brand of baby equipment, Pura, appeared on the UK market, and we reveal to you what sets it apart from others and why this campaign is attracting attention.

The creative team of FCB Inferno emphasizes diversity in the campaign and provides support to babies of all nationalities, skin color, and health conditions. All of these babies are equally adorable, perfect, and deserve to have their voices heard! As the most relevant messengers, they point to various problems that can be caused by other baby care equipment, such as the accumulation of waste and the use of a huge amount of plastic in the products.

Environmental awareness, support for diversity, and change of established behavior are just some of the goals of the Pura brand and this creative campaign. The ultimate goal is to create a brighter future for all of us and to spread awareness of the environmental problem we face and to which we contribute. FCB Inferno reminds us that it's time to wake up.

The new family brand, Pura, hopes to repair the disturbed ecological balance, making parenting eco-friendly and simple. The small family business has the vision to raise child care to a higher level, but also to challenge current market leaders. What sets them apart is the completely natural composition of the products, which take care of the baby's skin.

Another great move by Pura during this campaign is the creation of the free picture book "Lily and the Wipe Monster", which tells the story of Lily: a smart, caring girl who learns that her family has been using plastic wipes for years and embarks on a mission to fix things - with a little help from big and "smelly" friend.

Sharon Jiggins, executive vice president at FCB Inferno, said: “For far too long parents have had to make the choice between affordability and the environment. The entrance of Pura finally means that compromise is no longer needed. Our approach to the creative work was to defy category conventions, using the ‘cutesy’ babies’ voices to deliver hard-hitting uncomfortable truths to educate parents on what is really going on“.

Research shows that the waste generated by baby equipment is a significant polluter of the environment. The vast majority of products contain plastic in their composition, which means that waste at the landfill can last for more than 100 years. This was the basic idea for launching the brand, but also a great campaign for which FCB Inferno received a lot of well-deserved compliments.

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