FCB Health sends a message: "Think twice before you type"

Blog - Belgrade, 19 March 2021

For as long as we can remember, the wise ones say that it is smart to think twice before we say something. Some would proverbially sum it up in: "think twice before you speak". The fact that we are now typing more than we are speaking lead to a great campaign created by Area 23, a branch of FCB Health.

The Cybersmile Foundation, in collaboration with Area 23, has launched a new, multi-channel campaign under the slogan "Think Twice Before You Type" aimed at raising awareness of how communication on social networks can have an impact on an individual's real life. The campaign was launched on Safer Internet Day, and photos of people’s dejected faces overlaid with happy emoji makeup were created by Ale Burset, who has been awarded the Golden Lion in Cannes several times.

Colleagues from FCB Health thought about every detail, aware of the reality that the internet has shaped. “It’s something we feel strongly about because we’ve all done it," commented Leo Arcoverde, associate creative director of Area 23. "Whether it’s something you mean as a joke or something that came across harsher than you intended. It’s easy to hurt someone without ever realising it. So, we wanted people to think twice.”

On the one hand, constructive criticism is desirable, but it is important to present it in such a way that the person respects it, without feeling attacked or hurt. In addition, it is important that even when we think that our comment is witty, we remember that the person on the other side does not see our gestures, does not hear our tone, and sometimes does not even know us.

Everyone experiences praise and criticism differently. The results can be stimulating, but they can also often lead to a loss of self-confidence and enthusiasm. It's okay not to be able to help someone, but that doesn't mean we should make it worse for them.

Each of us has the right to our own opinion. Sometimes it is okay to keep it to ourselves, and when we express it, we should do it guided by empathy, and not by the desire to prove how good we are. This campaign is another good reminder to think twice before leaving a comment on the Internet.


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