FCB group has launched its campaign on a completely new medium

Blog - Belgrade, 12 December 2018

Statistics show that 50% of internet users suffer from something called a “buffer rage”, daily. This is a state of uncontrollable anger which occurs when internet speed is low or completely lost. That’s when the infamous and unwanted guest, the buffering wheel, appears on our screen.  

This kind of reaction of people in those situations shows that, when the internet speed is low, our expectations and needs are constantly growing, and the high-speed connection is becoming a norm. In order to bring their fellow citizens up to speed with evergrowing needs in the digital world, Belgium telecommunications company, VOO, and “Happiness Brussels”, an FCB branch in Belgium, launched a project named “La Vitesse Pour Tous” (“Fast Internet for All”). 

The kick-off of the project is the first of this kind in the world. In collaboration with a selection of media, VOO hijacked the infamous symbol of bad internet connections, the buffering wheel, and turned it into a completely new medium. Changing the code behind the loading screen, VOO had inserted their message under the buffering wheel saying: "Load up to 2 times faster with VOO”. In this way, an FCB group, and VOO managed to discover a completely new way of communicating and reaching more than 70% of their targeting audience.

More details here.

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