Facebook story - a new playground for more than half of advertisers on this social network

Blog - Belgrade, 15 January 2020

According to data gathered in April last year, 3 million advertisers used Facebook story ads. As  Facebook employees say, that number rose to over four million advertisers at the end of the year, which is more than half of those using this social network for advertising.

What is interesting is that this form of advertising on Facebook is still among the cheaper compared to the others. "Stories have become a very important, key strategy, and we have some of our clients that are driving a significant part of their business on stories," said Carolyn Everson, Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook.

When asked about the reason for the low prices of the story ads and whether those low prices would lead to the loss of the company, Emerson stated: “Stories are naturally cheaper at the moment, it is a matter of supply and demand, but prices will go up as more advertisers go into that auction and pick that unit as something that they want, but at the moment the thing is that the use of stories has a price advantage. On this occasion, the leaders of Facebook also stated that the stories represent one of their business priorities in 2020 and that they will not give up on political advertising on their platform.

Does this increase in Facebook story ad users indicate that in 2020 this form of customer communication will be a new haven for big and small brands? Are Facebook story ads something to turn to in the new year and take advantage of the low cost of this increasingly used advertising method?


Source: Adage

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