Are data the new capital?

Blog - Belgrade, 19 June 2019

This week’s acquisitions by Salesforce, Google and Microsoft all point to a change in the business environment – that data becomes the new capital, according to

Using data properly allows large enterprises to predict what their customers need in a better and easier way. Today, thanks to AI, it all went a step ahead in this kind of predictions. The media keeps pointing out the negative aspect of the fact that the big companies own a huge amount of data on their customers. There is a fear of potential misuse of this data, upsetting costumers and invade their privacy, mostly through e-mail. But what would happen if the ”spam” would just stop?

In order for the company to follow the laws (CCPA and GDPR), and yet had the opportunity to communicate with its customers, it has to reduce the number of unwanted e-mails and SMS. New age bought privacy as the top prority, so it became really hard for companies to communicate with customers, without breaking the law.

Let’s picture a world where the marker gets ten opportunities a year to send its customer an offer to meet its goals. If the company wastes its chance to convince the customer, it won’t get the new one so soon.

This kind of constraints doesn’t have to lead to worse results. Companies now have to try to understand what their costumers lack in, so they can send their e-mails and messages in the key moment and obtain the desired reaction.

If you want to learn more about this topic, take a look at the text that deals with the topic of managing client relationships and analyzing the data, they got during this interaction.

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