Acceptance Media Campaign - we learn how to embrace diversity from kids

Blog - Belgrade, 19 November 2019

There are campaigns that make you love them from start to finish. You don’t have to be motivated by professionalism since you are driven by pure emotion because you know that you are doing something not important only for the image of a client or your advertising agency, but for the whole society. These are the campaigns that activate deep and unwavering sense of fulfillment of purpose in all of us.

Media campaign titled “Acceptance” that is a part of Inclusive Preschool Project aims to develop an inclusive society and raise public awareness of the importance and necessity of accepting diversity from a young age.

This media campaign began on October 31. TV and radio spots have been broadcast and billboards have been set up all over Serbia so you can see our smiling kids.

The team from FCB Afirma spent time on the set with the cutest and most playful crew. We didn't even get cold although we were shooting during the only cold days of this (otherwise warm) October! We stayed in kindergartens Sanjalica and Jezurak, and infected with children's enthusiasm, we felt just like kids ready to conquer the world.

Our creative director, Božidar Cvetković, wrote beautiful lyrics sung by the Čarolija (Magic) choir, while the voice of actor Ivan Zaric gave extra warmth to the whole video. And, with no intention of being pathetic, everything that surrounded us and what we eventually created seemed like magic.

Again, we remembered (even those of us who had temporarily forgotten this) that children accept differences without a problem. If there are problems, we, the adults who are their role models, have caused them. We need to learn how to make that mistake no longer, and instead return to sincere children's openness.

We are waiting for other videos to be broadcast, and until then, enjoy the pure emotion. ☺

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