What did we learn during quarantine about We are in this together marketing messages?

Blog - Belgrade, 18 May 2020

To give an immediate answer - we have learned that we are not in this together.

And what was the problem with this message?

People showed a great deal of anger during this period, primarily because their sadness was manifested in this way. Psychologists can talk more about that, I just take the information I have heard and read in so many places that it makes no sense to put sources here. I recommend googling.

Locked up in their homes, they (we) had a stronger need to express themselves on social networks, which is a logical move due to the larger amount of time that was available and the fact that other ways of going out were not possible. In the virtual space, the chaos was obvious.

Hate for excessive productivity and solidarity

A large amount of hatred was caused by the (expected) insistence on productivity, but also by the messages of celebrities and brands in the We are in this together manner. At first, people wanted to feel connected and equated with this rich, more beautiful world, but the irritation grew over time.

The reasons are obvious - people were left without a job, money to pay their bills and rent, without the opportunity to visit a doctor, totally immersed in their fear.

And then celebrities and influencers try to send a message of solidarity from their villas.

Or brands say the same.

And everything seems fake, while the timing can't be worse.

And our stomach aches, because in such circumstances we are not able to swallow such untruth. Let’s not pretend, for most parts it sounded like this.

Of course, we also ask ourselves about the marketing teams that supported such and similar messages, because someone inside them must have had at least some contact with reality. Or not.

Put your money where your mouth is!

Brands were obliged to acknowledge the current situation, an even bigger mistake was to ignore it, pretend that nothing was happening and continue with regular activities since nothing was in line with the plans anymore.

The simplest advice that any marketing expert should have given was both the most obvious and the most humane - put your money where your mouth is.

Circumstances like this make the differences between rich and poor obvious. If someone has the resources, it is not enough for them to share songs and praise to health and shop workers (who, by the way, have no choice but to be where they are).

During this period, everyone had the opportunity to show who they are and what they are afraid of. And brands are run by people who have to think about the consequences of what they say and do. Some of these people actually care about the ordinary people that buy their products and, as a result, allow them to exist. Some even showed it, others just sent a message that no one was willing to buy.


Author: Natalija Jovanović, Senior Content Manager

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